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Throughout the whole country of Argentina the so called “remis (or remises)” service is very well known. A remis is a sort of taxi service, but the difference is that you just hire a driver with his/her own personal car.

A remis (remises) is many times considered much more safe because you don’t just pick them up from the street (they are unrecognizable) but you have to order them in a remises service office or you can phone them.

If you stay in a certain area of Buenos Aires for a longer periode (weeks) or if you stay in a city of village within Argentina for weeks than it is really interesting to get in contact with a local remises service. Another advantage is, especially in Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Argentina) , the fixed price you can agree for a trip. If the remis is losing time in traffic you do not pay for waiting in the traffic jam.

Remises Ejecutivos Reminor

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Remises Reminor arranges taxis / remises services from and to Ezieza Airport to our clients, so that you do not have to worry about currency or exchange or paying or trying to find your apartment on arrival.

We communicate your travel and destination information in advance of travel (please advise us of your airport and terminal, flight number, time of arrival and the name of the guest travelling) and your taxi / remises driver waits for you 30-minutes after touchdown at the information desk as you exit immigration in the arrivals lounge.


A whiteboard clearly shows your name. Your remises driver waits for up to 30-miutes at the rates quoted herein giving you plenty of time to collect your luggage and clear immigration. If you wander off from the meeting point, our driver will not find you.

If you have come with wardrobe and luggage for a small dance troop, please do not expect your luggage and passengers to fit into one car. The old adage fits well here, ‘you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole’, and it is no good shouting at either your driver or our advisor because you have failed to think ahead.

It is your responsibility to use your common sense when booking remises services from and to Buenos Aires’ airports.

You can pay with credit cards, Visa, American Express and mastercard.

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